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Funerals and memorial services enable us to share our memories and celebrate the lives of those we have loved and who have loved us. It is a time to reflect on your loved ones life story, and celebrate the person who was and forever will be remembered.

Through telling their stories, we celebrate their lives and as we think about happier times and contemplate, not on what we have lost, but what we have gained from having them in our lives. In honouring and celebrating their life, I will create a ceremony which reflects their unique nature and the influence they had on the lives of others.

"We would like to thank Norman for all of his care and guidance through a very sad and difficult time, with the loss of our mother. He was sincere and showed the utmost compassion.

Norman gave a great deal of his time, contacting friends and family to really gain a true understanding of our mother. He was very receptive to our memories and thoughts of our mother.

Norman was always accessible and reliable. He took charge of the formal funeral process. We were at ease; this enabled us to grieve at such an emotional time. The ceremony he conducted was warm and uplifting, with a wonderful tribute to our mother.

We appreciate all that Norman did for our family and can highly recommend him as a funeral celebrant."
-Naresh and Gita Solanki

For more information on funerals from the New Zealand Government please click here.

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These ceremonies often happen after a significant number of years together in a marriage or committed relationship and can take a relationship to a much deeper level.

“So much had happened in those 20 years of marriage; Our understanding and love for one another is stronger than ever. The day was a celebration, a chance to acknowledge and honour this milestone in our lives. It was a chance to express the deep gratitude we feel for our relationship and for all the support we have been given.”
-Jennifer and Brett

“The recommitment ceremony allowed us to reflect on our time together, celebrate our love for each other and create a vision for the future”

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What is a Civil Union? The Civil Union Act 2004 provides the criteria, rules and processes for two people to have their relationship solemnised as a civil union (by way of a formal ceremony) and officially registered in New Zealand. A Civil Union may be entered into by couples of the same sex or by couples of different sexes. The same professional process will take place to design and perform the ceremony as a marriage ceremony.

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This is an opportunity to celebrate the hard work that goes into creating a house or home and to celebrate with those that live there and selected guests that helped along the way.

“It was fun to plan the house warming ceremony with Norman and we even included the cat and met our neighbours who are now close friends. Often our guest’s remark how warm and friendly our home feels. We attribute this in part to the house warming ceremony Norman so ably helped us design” -Jane

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These ceremonies are a modern and usually non-religious version of a Christening where the child or children are acknowledged by parents, family and friends.

”Today we give thanks for her safe arrival. With her birth another joyful soul joins us. Children are our joy in the present and our hope for the future. They bring happiness, enlightenment, challenges, awesome responsibility, and much laughter. They have the ability to fill our hearts with love and turn our lives upside down. They will bring both joy and heartache. They have the potential to make us cry with frustration one moment and with overwhelming love the next”
-Excerpt from a ceremony for Lisa and Donovan’s baby, Sahara.

I am happy to prepare and perform any ceremony you might have in mind. If what you have in mind is not listed here please contact me so we can discuss your ideas.