Frequently Asked Questions
How far in advance do I need to organise a celebrant?
The further in advance you book a celebrant the more relaxed this part of the wedding preparation will be. Most couples have a confirmed celebrant 4 to 6 months out from the date of the wedding.
Do I have to have a registered celebrant?
Yes you do. It pays to be sure that your celebrant is registered as I am. There was a court case recently where a non registered celebrant officiated a wedding and the marriage was declared invalid causing great stress to the couple.
Who can perform a wedding?
A registered celebrant. Others can participate in the ceremony as long as the celebrant leads it and ensures all the legal processes are followed. Special friends and family can do readings, introduce the ceremony and participate in other ways. Ask me about this.
How much do you charge?
Please refer to my About page where there is more information on this.
Do you travel out of Auckland to perform ceremonies?
Yes I am happy to travel out of Auckland and have performed ceremonies at Hot Water beach, Lake Tarawera and in the greater Auckland area. I do charge extra for travel and expenses.
Does the ceremony have to be religious?
Ceremonies are designed how you want them to be. You are the customer and your needs will be met. Ceremonies can be completely non religious and non spiritual or can have a mixture of both including any cultural or traditional aspects you may wish to be included. In the end it is your ceremony and celebration so I encourage you to ask for what you want. Most things are possible.
What other ceremonies do you design and perform?
I am comfortable with any ceremony and if I have not done it before I have many resources and colleagues who can assist me in gathering information and sharing their experience so together we can design and perform the ceremony you want. Some of the newer ones are: Crossing the Threshold, Honouring men as they turn 50 or are going through a transition, sand blending and hand tying.
What happens if you get sick and can’t perform the ceremony?
I have experienced colleagues I can call on to help out as I do with them.
If you have any questions that I haven't managed to cover here, please contact me and I'll do my best to answer them.